northern bobwhite vocalizing. Photo by Doug Hardesty
Northern bobwhite vocalizing. Photo by Doug Hardesty is a new resource for Missouri Birders maintained by the staff at the Missouri River Bird Observatory (MRBO). You can find more information about MRBO at their website.

Many species have distinct regional 'dialects' and believe that recordings created within the State of Missouri will be a useful tool for beginning and advancing birders. You may notice that many species are lacking recordings... this is true, and a void we hope people are interested in filling. We will try to update regularly as people submit recordings to Xeno-canto, and help facilitate discussions on this site.

The original inspiration for establishment of this website was a grant to MRBO by the Audubon Society of Missouri (now known as the Missouri Birding Society) in 2012. That generous support provided MRBO with a high-end recording device and parabolic microphone for research purposes. Through the intervening years, it remained a goal of MRBO to share the joy of bird song with others and to provide a forum like this website for sharing Missouri-specific avian vocalizations.

Photography credits are typically included in the caption for pictures, but more information can be found here